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Once upon an artist’s eye:

https://heidaway.wordpress.com/2012/05/28/un-tamed-tethered-tortured-imagination/ Once I was a shadow who fell 16 stories deep. & Once I was living breathing Art ’til a brush stroked me dead. — Many thanks to David Lu, for being a marvelous artist.

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King of the Canvass

“& Here I dreamt I was an artist:” &I received a lesson.. ‘Don’t be shy with paint..you are KING.’ David helped me succeed at drawing a lotus. & then I drew my version of meditation — Minus simplicity.

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Un:: tamed.tethered.tortured. Imagination:

I see your art. I remember all the times I once saw art to better understand and create meaning from yours. But yours is a creation & a new memory is born. Your art squiggles like a 13 year old … Continue reading

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