A Mother’s Blood-curdling cries in a Silent Village

Today began like every Wednesday.
I woke up early —
so I could lay around and read the news, snuggle a little longer–
before a day met.

Washed my face/tidied the hair.
Did a full-length mirror check.

Below me is the village. Dafen ‘painting village.’
Below me is Dafen’s main drag.
Cars are constantly driving too fast steering pedestrians to trip off the ‘road.’
Bars are my divider between me and below/my protection.
I’ve seen so much through those bars:
brawls, fireworks, recyclers, police, gamblers, lovers, people going to school/people coming back from school/typhoons/lovely days/smoggy days.

I’ve seen so much but nothing could have prepared me for today.

First came the wail. A constant sore wail from somewhere inside only a mother must make. I felt like someone was digging into an open wound/rubbing deeper–prodding more guts and from this person’s abdomen came a shrill shrieking moan throughout this silent village at 7AM. 7AM… Dafen doesn’t awaken ’til quarter past–this was no drunken brawl leftover from poker the night before. Something was wrong.

I retreated to my window, my passive bystander safety net, my bars separating me from below.
I crept to my window and saw a stopped van in the middle of the road.
Sobbing continued.
‘An accident,’ I thought.
And then I leaned into the bars–closer and noticed legs which looked lifeless under the back of the van.
Wails continued.
Something inside of me stopped, I couldn’t breathe and I ran to David, who already noticed something was wrong and jumped up to come check.
We slowly approached the window and saw a blood stricken student’s face being cradled in the driver’s arms. A boy, looked less than ten years old appeared to have no wind left inside.
Blood-curdling sobs never ended and then mine began.

I no longer watched, I prayed, David said mantras and watched.
Later the boy came to, and was whisked to the hospital.
I dragged myself out the door to walk below.
Hideous van still in the middle of the road and a pool of blood gathered underneath.

Time no longer exists/no amount of rushing is ever worth one time.

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