Pig Bones & Huge Wisdom

Dedicated to– everyone who is averse to our furry friends.

After dinner, Anjing, David’s son, led me to the windowsill. He had been keeping pig bones for a dog he found this past week. David and Anjing named him 广慧 [Guang Hui] or Huge Wisdom.

So Pig Bones in hand, we made our way to Guang Hui’s home. I imagined a back alley with kids playing in it and Guang Hui behind a fence watching them.

I imagined wrong.

We made our way down a hill and while walking beside barbed wire, Anjng got up on his slippered tippy-toes and sweetly begged Guang Hui to reveal himself. Emerging on a sewer top in chains was Huge Wisdom. We couldn’t climb over the barbed wire fence so we walked around–a large skyscraper office building to the back where the King of the Dump lives.

Peering up at Guang Hui from the bottom was a hill of broken glass. We stepped over thick coils of wire, broken glass, broken tiles, a broken windshield, take out boxes, chopsticks, plastic bags and balanced ourselves against a papaya tree. Guang Hui eyed us expectantly, ‘What took you so long? I’ve been expecting you.’ Even though Anjing met him just this week Guang Hui already responds to the name. David gingerly passed him the pig bones while Anjing and I called out to his Majesty, Huge Wisdom.

Guang Hui sits atop a sewer and has about 4 feet by 4 feet to run around while chained. Who knows how often he is fed or walked. He’s a small German Shepard mix. We called out to him as we walked back up the hill adjacent to the barbed wire fence. He cocked his head exerting Huge Wisdom.


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