Emily Post’s, ‘Etiquette’

Inside a park, not so crowded, David and I had a hike.
Considering the amount of people in China, this park was fairly secluded.
At different points David and I were lone climbers.

We rested at a pagoda, us being the only ones inside, &began a conversation about manners–
David told me it’s unnatural for Chinese to say, ‘thank you, excuse me, etc,’ people will think it odd/too formal.
I told him, my father read a book of manners when he was about eleven or twelve to further educate himself regarding etiquette. David was surprised and remarked at the maturity my father possessed.

As we delved deeper into certain manners, apparent in both western and eastern culture, Grandparents stomped over, directly next to us.
Tugging their granddaughter’s pants down –proceeded to make swishing water sounds for granddaughter to relieve her, two years old, bladder.

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