Cabbage Wheel Adventure

Today I ventured into my village located across from my school. My goal was to buy the last necessities my flat is lacking.

A very sweet lady sold me the following:

50’s Pink Nightstand
Small wooden stool [looks ancient] [I chose the uglier but sturdier of the four, much to the woman’s disdain]
Plastic stool
Orange Bucket with dragonflies on it
Bamboo rug/mat
Full-length mirror
Rubbish Bin

All for less than 25.00 USD. Had I gone to Walmart or somewhere similar I would have paid more than double. That’s what I love about the village.
Now came the matter of taking this home. Mama told me her husband would be there shortly to make the delivery. For whatever reason I was expecting a pickup.

In-the-flesh comes a scrawny on the outside muscles on the in-Chinese man on a bicycle with a barrow in tow. aka ‘Cabbage Wheel.’ Cabbage wheel comes from those ‘Cabbage Patch Kids’ big wheels made for children only these are adult size and meant to carry large loads. [Basically a bike or motorbike with a barrow on the back] I had no idea how Papa would be able to load all of my happy findings onto his barrow but he did & expected to load me on as well. I was to ride sidesaddle–or legs on either side bracing all the items standing up.

In the following picture if you look where that blanket is that’s where my butt was supposed to be:

We strode out to main in order to start the 10 block trek. Also it was well past 5 in the evening–The Rushing Hour. He flashed me his crookeds and said, ‘get on!’ I tried I couldn’t do it. Unfortunately I lack a Chinese girl’s butt so I couldn’t even fit on the edge of this barrow. Papa re-positioned my possessions making a small hole for me to get in. At first step, up came the whole barrow. I said, ‘no.’ To my rescue came a motorbike, said, ‘where to?’

Off we went following my cabbage wheel and newly beloved items.
It was one of the scariest motorbike rides I’ve had to date.
We dodged:
Holes in the road
Road blocks
Barely slowing for anything coming our way or at us.
All the while trying to keep up with the pedaling barrow boy.

We made it, my motorbike savior was in awe being so close to the ocean and charged me .80 Cents for the ten blocks. Not bad.

The Papa and I took all my belongings up the flight of stairs. I decided I would tip him even though it’s not expected in China. I was all but eating the ground– I was so thankful to have arrived safe and with all my new findings.

My mirror was still in its box. Papa squatted in the middle of the hallway and for ten minutes assembled. Glad it was him-not me. I probably would have put it together backwards. It was incredibly kind. I was going to give him a 1.25 USD tip. As soon as he finished he said: ‘HAO LE [good/ok]..bye bye’ and in another flash, GONE. No tip.

I exhaled.

..realized I left the orange bucket

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