Conversations with Cesar II — Addictions

At lunch today:

Cesar: So you said you quit smoking last year, how’s that going?
Me: Great! It’s been over a year I haven’t touched cigarettes. Yeah I still have an occasional craving but I’m so glad I stopped.
Cesar: I realize it’s not that good for me and I want to stop. I’m not addicted I don’t have cravings, it’s just a habit, it’s my friend, it goes much deeper psychologically than an addiction.
Me: Yeah, if you can get through the first month you should be fine. There are so many things in cigarettes now that ensure our death and our addiction to it. We are slaves.
Cesar: The same ingredients in cigarettes are in McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut food.
Me: Yeah, I saw a billboard this summer that said “Obesity is not a choice it’s a disease.” IT’S A CHOICE!
Cesar: No it’s not a choice it’s a disease just like all the other addictions. Everybody thinks, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes are addictive but food is too, people haven’t been educated properly and corporations are banking on peoples health. The Chinese government is hoping cigarettes kill off their population that’s why cigarettes are subsidized by the government.
Me: Our American obesity epidemic is spreading to the rest of the world, one happy meal at a time. It’s sickening. That’s why I’m trying to follow a plant based diet.
Cesar: Me too. Sugar is in everything even cigarettes. Soda is so addictive it’s liquid poison. Aspartame too. When sugar’s not balancing out chemical tastes of food it’s making up by being low fat additive.
Me: Most of our food has become all chemicals and sugar. By 2050, 48 million Americans will have diabetes.

Some kids come by and say, ‘HI MISS. TIDY, HI PIZZA!’
Cesar: Yeah, they call me ‘Pizza.’
Me: Yeah, they call me ‘Miss. Tidy.’ Are you going home to take a nap?
Cesar: No, I’m gonna have cigarette and coke. 😀

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