Conversations with Cesar.

Cesar is from Argentina-raised in Brazil. Cesar’s completely bald with flames tattooed on his scalp. He tries his best to distance himself from Chinese people including all 14 of us foreigners at school. I am pretty sure I am the only one he can tolerate talking to for more than five minutes. He loves China but hates the people, so he says. He has lived in China 5+ years.

Today we had a conversation:

Cesar: Are you going to vote?
Me: I hope so.
Cesar: You know it’s all an illusion. Voting gives you hope that you can make a difference. But you can’t, everything is already set and it really doesn’t mean anything to go to the polls. Everybody is the same in Washington, it doesn’t matter who is in office.
Me: Except for the batshit crazy tea partiers.
Cesar: Like Ron Paul.
[We laugh]
Me: So what is your opinion of Romney? I’m clueless about how people around the world see our situation and our candidates.
Cesar: Obama’s the lesser of the two evils, right?
[We laugh]

Most of our conversations are always brief but contain curious ideas.

One of our first conversations involved the money system collapsing in just a few years and that’s why Cesar converts everything to gold and is constantly buying and trading gold. Cesar claims he doesn’t need this job and he’s well off with or without a job, he just needs something to do with his life.

Our second conversation was about the root source of good and evil. Cesar said, ‘according to some, it started with Cain and Abel and thus created a genetic predisposition in everybody’s blood –being capable of committing either good acts or evil acts. That’s why we have duality. I asked him if he were religious and he said no, he believes in nothing, except God.


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