Twitter/Facebook = Terrorism (in Chiners)

Conversation with a student about Twitter and Facebook: 

[For those who don’t know, twitter, youtube, facebook, ‘edu.’ sites, etc. are blocked on China’s internet.]

Student:  I can get to those websites which were forbidden like FB, twitter.  But I shouldn’t do bad things.  I just want to get the news of my favorite celebrities.

Me: Why are those sites forbidden?

Student:  Because the Chinese government doesn’t want those terrorists to do harm in China.  Do you know ‘Heathendom?’

Me: I see, what’s that?

Student:  Just to restrict our internet.  Heathendom means bad religion.  In Chinese we call it, ‘evil religion.’

Me: What does that have to do with the internet?  Are facebook and twitter considered terrorists?

Student: Prevents bad remarks from spreading out, no.

Me: I see

Student: Terrorists are those people who don’t like the Communist Party, but their nationalities are Chinese.  They may break the peace in china.  That’s just my personal opinion.

Me: Oh okay, so they are on facebook and twitter and the government doesn’t want people to see these terrorists?

Student: Just restricts their words.  But I can’t explain it in details.  I’m not sure either.  I just love foreign websites.  I can learn English in this way.  Do you know any good foreign websites?


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