Chinese Dentist

I will:

  • Not know what a filling is.
  • Want to ‘fix’ your fillings.
  • Poke at your teeth with a vibrating pick akin to a drill, ALMOST poking out your 6 year old fillings.
  • Charge you .50 cents to check your teeth and $15.00 to give you a cleaning.
  • Power-wash your teeth with salt scrub.
  • When you tell me to stop I will push your head down and say, ‘No.’
  • Take the money you owe.

I won’t:

  • Find anything wrong with your teeth.
  • Give you X-rays.
  • Apologize for pushing your face down when you told me to stop–instead I’ll laugh in your face.

A Chinese dentist I went to, government sanctioned.

This explains a lot.

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2 Responses to Chinese Dentist

  1. Sarah Gaida says:

    Yeah, I think I’m going to avoid that experience. I’m all for new experiences, but… no. Just no.


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