Chinese Fire Drill

“There will be a fire drill at about 3:30 this afternoon. If you hear the fire alarm, please run to the school football field with students.”
–Teacher informing me of the fire drill

Ringing in my ears was: ‘Run to the field.’
As I recall every fire drill I’ve ever encountered it is repeated, ‘walk, don’t run;’ however this is China and if something is one way in the west/USA it is probably the direct opposite here.

So we had a fire drill, one month before school is over.
Of course we didn’t have one in the fall to prepare all year.

All of us sprinted –teachers, students, staff alike, to outside, in 32 degree Celsius weather.
A beautiful banner was hung over the field, ‘Xixiang, C-UK college fire preparatory drill,’
We listened to the chief of police rattle on about fire safety.

Suddenly from a distance & from a fire truck they sprayed/modeled how the hose worked:
The audience ‘WAAAAAH’-ed all over itself as they watched what looked like:
An enormous penis watering the trees.

There’s a joke people make in the States about Chinese fire drills/these jokes are warranted.

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