An Ode to my Students

Nancy – is missing her front teeth but never fails to greet and hug me every day.
Isabel – is always sweet, from Malaysia and tries to sweet talk me into doing other things.
Sky – is my favorite boy he has the sweetest demeanor.
Hunter – is shy, the son of a guard at school but tried his hardest this year and prevails at English now, a favorite.
Graham – is always trying to negotiate with me and already has his quirks, he’s the Woody Allen of this group.
Sherman – cutest/sweetest boy ever, when I found out his parents didn’t want him and his aunt raises him, my heart broke. His happy face would never show he has seen an absence of love in his life. ‘Try again.’
Anita – my little Turkish girl and the class ‘translator.’ Bargains for stickers and toys from me.
Cathy – Ultra aware of her surroundings and so cute.
Juliet – The only American of the students, a sweet potato shy girl.
Hanna – Between her Panda shoes, jeggings, and frilled shirts: Has the most ridiculous fashion sense for a 7 year old.
Johanna – Always has a huge smile for me.
Max – Always greets me.
Sun – Always greets me & has the cutest spectacles strapped to his face.
Harry – Always participates and greets me.
Vida – Always scheming with Anita.
Helen – is a sweetheart.
Alice – is a cutie and sweetheart.
Wing – The tiniest of all the students but so lovable and a jokester.
Jacky – A comic, the comic relief of all my classes.
Even – A whipper snapper.
Nestor – Sweet and means well, broke my heart when we made mother’s day cards and he said his mother is abroad after getting a divorce from his father.
Eason – is adorable & sweet.

&The rest of them-
–They will all forever have my heart.

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