Magnum Opus

Last year I arrived at my school on Friday, they told me, I would commence teaching, Monday–2nd Grade.

My heart: panicked, ached, worried, angered, cried, smiled, bewildered :all over itself.

If you teach 2nd Grade you cannot be: shy, non-animated, unmotivated, etc…
I was all of those and then some.

I was more afraid of my students than they were me.
I won’t go into gory details of how much growth I’ve had as a teacher and how much growth my students have endured by my teaching . Much less, how many hugs, kisses, and greets I now receive in the morning from these precious souls–
Steven sums up my entire experience with second grade.


YoYo holding his hand up

Yoyo is holding his hand up and Steven is to Yoyo’s right.

I learned Steven’s name my first day of teaching. He was a poor student, a jokester, mischievous–everything a 7 year old boy is, Steven was– most of all: terrible at English.

However, there was hope. He wanted to try –always his absolute best.

Sometime around last December his class began calling me Miss Teidi [Tidy]. They learned the word tidy, loved saying Teacher Heidi and then put the two together. At first I was puzzled if I liked or disliked my ‘pet name.’ It stuck.

School is beginning to close. June will sew up the year for me as a teacher.
A teacher suggested I do a play, which teaches the students about Thanksgiving…not quite the USA holiday but about giving thanks.
I did decide to make the USA holiday into a play and am now practicing just that– with all my classes.
We are ending the play with: ‘What are you thankful for?’

[In China many of the students can only spout off memorized sentences and cannot think or speak from their heart.
Example: ‘How are you today, Zack?’
[In robotic voice] ‘I am fine, thank you, and you?’]

I have broken through this in my classes and my students are doing less &less memorized speaking –more &more heart speaking.

Today I asked the class &gave suggestions about what they could be thankful for –they were all able to answer on their own.

Steven waited patiently for me to call on him, he was one of the last.

Me: Steven, what are you thankful for?
Steven: I am thankful for Miss Tidy.

My heart smiled with the brightest tear.

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2 Responses to Magnum Opus

  1. Minna says:

    Made me cry!


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