‘He Wore Black Denim Trousers’

Actually he was a heavy metal singer and guitarist in a popular Chinese band circa- ’90s.
He wears wife beaters.
Has a chain wallet.
Loves Neil Young.
He is an artist.
He was an amazing tattoo artist.

His big bright eyes make your heart feel purer than it’s ever felt.
A laugh that silences any troubles you have.

His wife just turned 20 and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in June.

When he begins chanting mantras..the whole world stands still and listens.

He’s a Lama, a great master, and has many students.
He’s David’s Master and he’s won me over.


We spent a few days with him this week. His wife is in Beijing with baby and he’s waiting to get their visa clearance to go to the US for 6 months. So he asked us to come over and practice English.

His flat is the most calming place.

om mani padme hum

om mani padme hum altar

On Monday we arrived and other students came and we talked for about 8 hours together. We all cooked dinner for Master and sat around and enjoyed ourselves.

Master's art

I’ve been learning way more Chinese and understanding more and more.

Yesterday Master asked us to go with him to buy a dictionary. We couldn’t find one but David and Master took me to a beautiful Tibetan store..in Dongmen…

Inside were the most gorgeous kitties and kittens among sparkling jewels as well!

Xiao Hu

little tiger

So we came back to Master’s and had a rest and then more friends came.
One guy was a massage master from Luohu and another from Hong Kong.
The massage master gave the Master a 2 hour massage while we went out, had a walk, bought vegetables and tofu for the meal, and cooked.

Everyone thought I should see an herbal doctor because i’ve been getting over a slight cold. I’ve said no no no no. So the massage master said he could massage my ailments away..which..today after a very brutal massage I feel so much better! [with a bruised head]

So after last night I decided to ask Master if I could become his student. He said of course and next Saturday..I will take the Five Precepts and become Buddhist.

David and Master in May

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1 Response to ‘He Wore Black Denim Trousers’

  1. Minna says:

    How amazing! You are so lucky to be experiencing all of this! 🙂


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