Happy National Day!


National Day is equivalent to our Fourth of July however in China you get 7 days off..and then have to work 7 straight days for having a holiday. David and I woke up at at the dawn’s crack to fangsheng..then we started our adventure.

After Fangsheng we went to Sea World — western expat area looks like a mini americaland.

Don Draper even lives here

I bought all the fixens for tacos. Then we went over to the center of Shenzhen..Da Ju Yuan

Da Ju Yuan

David wanted to go to the 4D theater..but apparently it has yet to open…it is still a 3D theater…so we went to

Lychee Park instead..

Playing in the park

We took a paddle boat..

we're on a boat

Young Love

The Park

David plucked a fish out of the water and to his surprise it was alive..he said ‘om mani padme hum’ to give it a better death…[it was dying]

The fish was still alive

I had to take my picture with Deng Xiaoping since I hadn’t yet…

Later..we made our way to Dongmen..which was positively INSANE..

The Hook, can you find it?

But the following day we went back for a footwash..it wasn’t nearly as bad..

The following day Dongmen wasn't so bad..


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