Have a try

Since yesterday David and I have a new attitude for everything:: “Have a try..”
Whenever I see something I haven’t tried I tell him and he convinces me to try it and he tries it if he hasn’t. It’s pretty fun actually!

So far I’ve tried rambutan–looks like a type of lychee fruit,

jackfruit [kanoon] which looks like durian but tastes like a super sweet banana with rubber texture

So .. what takes the cake is last night..we went to our market to buy our fresh fruits and veggies..

way better than going to walmart!

With it being Saturday I wanted to find something spicy to drink or regular china whiskey that seems to taste like old books and a campfire…so deep in the market was a tiny grocery store with a shelf full of different types of alcohols I hadn’t seen..and I stumbled upon…

Inside: A root and Goji berries

61% alcohol .. but that wasn’t what attracted me the most..the fact that inside was a root and goji berries swirling.
At the cost of 1.50 USD I bought it. so we both said, YES, Have a Try!

So I made David vegan tacos for dinner so we were both pretty full and happy .. and decided to crack this baby open…here’s what ensued…

So now David says he can eat the goji berries and root…
I’ll save that for another day.


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1 Response to Have a try

  1. Paul Gupta says:

    Hahahaha, looks like fun. I’ll try (nearly) anything once.

    Did that bottle of root/Goji/liquor have a name? Looks…like it wasn’t meant to be had straight up 😛


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