2nd Grade>Middle School

I teach second grade and the students are the most adorable things I have ever seen.

YoYo holding his hand up

I started teaching about 4 days after my plane landed! Not so easy but very easy because I came to realize all you do with small children who just need to speak English is play games GALORE.

My first day I went in assuming my children were geniuses. My plan was too advanced and I realized I had to change it up. Play more games and the less words the better.

My second day of teaching we had a field trip! I never went on a field trip with my middle school students in Longhua. It was so fun. We went to a park with about 300 second graders. I realized that kids absolutely LOVE snacks. Thank goodness I didn’t even bring any because trust me I was well fed by my students.

We played outdoor games, fed some geese, chased them,

and overall got to let loose and speak some English. So different from public school.

so cute!

I even met a new teacher friend, Nicole, who shares the same birthday with me but is a rabbit not a tiger. She’s from Hubei–Hunan.

Teacher friends

I’ve got kids from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, America, Canada, England, etc. I have the cutest girl who’s half Chinese half English. I will be taking pictures of all these guys!

So I love my new school. It’s refreshing to have the same kids every single day, 5 days a week. I also teach Science once every other week to the same students. This is more of a challenge since its focus isn’t to have the kids speak all the time but to have them understand science concepts in English.

I live in the dorm surrounded by students as well but I’ve found that an hour long metro ride is not so bad sometimes in the morning =P nonetheless I am keeping my dorm room because it is very nice to go back and have a nap after lunch. I’m also well fed, the school prepares breakfast, lunch, and dinner for free so I don’t have to go around town to scavenge food. However during the weekend it’s a ghost-town at the school. No teachers, students, and hardly any staff other than guards. I have a week long holiday coming up. Last year I went to Guilin this year I am going to bask in an empty Shenzhen and prepare lessons.


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