‘It’s too late, Baby’

4.5 weeks away to leaving all this behind.
I am ready…at the same time I feel bittersweet symphonies.

I decided to walk to school today and walk home. Something I have not done in a while. Yesterday when I entered the bus a lady was busy vomiting..this is very common. I decided I was sick of seeing that on buses and decided I’d quit being lazy and have a walk

I’ve been avoiding Chinese girlfriend due to the fact she asked me to lend her 150.00 USD and made me very uncomfortable. I met her last semester and she’s never asked me for anything. She said it was for a passport to HK which I hear is closer to 45.00 USD.

The road that leads me to school was annihilated a few weeks ago. It’s become piles of bricks, rocks, and dirt to trudge through. So I have avoided that route and Chinese girlfriend since.

I decided to brave it today.
I made it past Chinese girlfriend’s hovel without her noticing me–twice today.
I came to an intersection and unlike most of my townies, waited patiently for my little green man to let me stride safely through — don’t get me wrong, most of the time i’m just as impatient as the rest.

I begin crossing and I ALMOST get slammed into by a motorbike taxi. Thankfully I didn’t walk any further. He barely scraped by me and the woman bracing herself on his back giggled as they sped off –cloud of dust gathered in my lungs. I didn’t start a brawl and I’m glad because there was a policeman behind the bike. I don’t have my passport on me and if I were to cause a raucous …well I don’t want to. [They’ve also been checking passports as of recent and raiding apartments checking visas–‘lil nerve-wracking]

This is the second time I’ve had a near miss with traffic. I don’t want to see charms the third time.

I decided I had a craving for meat and potatoes. The only Chinese food version of this you’re gonna get for under 20 kuai [3.00 USD] is a Uighur restaurant. I went up to my place of interest and you’d think i’d walked into the saloon and was the town outlaw.

I pulled out my chair and all chatter deadened. Everyone turned — gawked, looked, scoffed, etc.

As I finished up my fresh noodles and meat&potatoes dish, two chellovecks strode on in. Seemed normal. One was a shuai ge the other not so much. Right before I was leaving an older woman came in and started blasting them with her strong guangdong accent. Upon pulling my bag up that’s when I noticed the wadded up 100’s. Looked like she pulled out 3,000-4,000 RMB. Which is a lot to just be dragging around town and into some sketchy noodle place without lights or napkins. Team looked disappointed. I left as soon as my bag slid over my shoulder.

The walk home was not much better. Between dodging the children-pooping the streets, scaffolding having sparks fall down and dead rats stuck in the middle, I was at light jogging pace toward home.

The cream to my cake, when at last I entered my garden, was saluted by guards, etc–was when I walked up to my building and low and behold the doorhandle to the building completely off and broken.

Time’s up!

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2 Responses to ‘It’s too late, Baby’

  1. Shuo says:

    I was gonna say “poor Heidi” but then I realized I was not in a position to do so. I grew up here, not always with those things you encountered but frequently enough for me to become insensible and numb. Sometimes I just hold myself on sidelines so that I wouldn’t feel too stirred up by what I see and hear. I am cautiously optimistic and take a sceptical attitude to “the rise of China”. Somehow I believe there’d be a big chaos in China AGAIN, in a few years.


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