Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I am worried I will experience PTSD when I arrive back in the states.

The Honking.
For whatever reason people who drive love to honk.
They honk when they are impatient, they honk when they want you to look at them, they honk to pick you up, they honk to say, ‘hello,’ they honk when they ‘think’ you are in the way, they honk to say get outta my way, they honk for any reason they want. I’ve learned to sleep through this.

The Phone .
For whatever reason Chinese people love to talk extremely loud. Especially on the phone. It will be a silent busride except for the guy jibber jabbering away telling the whole bus his business. Chinese girlfriend will shout the same things at me until I finally ‘ting bu dong’ her –‘i don’t understand.’

The Storefront.
Stores love to blare their music at speaker crackling degrees. Thinking it will attract people. Usually they begin about 9-10AM. Sometimes I can’t hear myself think, walking past these stores. Not only do I not want to go in but I want to run away as fast as I possible can.

The Construction.
Everywhere you turn there is some type of construction going on. Before my parents arrived they dug up the sidewalk adjacent to my estate. It sounded like a bulldozer for a while–wasn’t too bad and then just left it–dirty and rubbled for 3 months. Last week they decided to revisit the dug up roads. They decided drilling was the best option. They have been drilling nonstop for the past week. The absolute worst has been today. The drilling woke me up at 8am. When I came back home at 7pm it was still going on. It’s 9:30PM and they still haven’t ceased. One week there will be smooth roads the following week there will be a giant mountain of rubble they have dug up. They are trying to build the metro as fast as possible because of this,

The Chinese New Year.
The Chinese New Year’s Eve began on February 3rd. My contact teacher, Annie, invited Clotilde and I to join her family for a typical dinner. They say, ‘better to be together than alone’ on New Years. Many people go to their hometown or village for the New Year. Her mother in-law has started living with Annie and her husband. Annie and her mother in-law cooked all of the dishes. It was fun to gather, reminded me of Christmas or Thanksgiving Chinese style of course. All throughout the evening we had been hearing fireworks. They started at 5pm. We decided to walk over as a group to the city square~about 2 blocks from Annie.

The City Square was one giant blaze of people setting fire into the sky. Children, the elderly, babies, parents, teenagers, everyone was running rampant with fire in their arms. They lit lanterns in the center and set them off into the nightsky. They looked like fiery stars in the sky. I would say it was beautiful however after almost being set on fire and seeing babies almost set themselves on fire I can safe fully say I will never have a desire to stand in a line on the 4th of July for a fireworks show. This fireworks show lasted 10 days straight. Fireworks going off every night at about 5pm until 2am.

A million miles away my parents are wandering their silent cliffs. A breathless bay churning at the tide barely getting angry at the moon and causing large waves. They live in a standstill area it has never changed and will never change. I reckon I will go insane the moment I start hearing loud noises back home.

Right now I am keeping the dragon at bay, sleeping through drilling, dogs howling, cars honking, etc.


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  1. Roy says:

    Thanks for giving us a taste of China!


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