Squeeze me West

Tonight I saw Animal Farm the musical in Hong Kong.
I have never read the book.

The last play I saw was A Streetcar Named Desire which was completely different and not a musical nevertheless a play is a play a musical is a musical.

Both were adept to say the least.

Something has to be said for actually being able to see something of this nature…ANIMAL FARM in Hong Kong which is now owned by Pandas Rotunds Camus and no longer the British.

I won’t say anymore.

But the end.

The end was a sombre breath–a sigh.

He read the sign, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than the others.”
While he reads Napoleon is giving wine toasts and smoking cubans with humans above the animals.

It equates to everything I have experienced up until now. Which is silly.

I have decided I absolutely love China.
I am so thankful, glad, and happy to be here.

Hong Kong is an ink blot of the west…it’s strange.
Cars driving on the wrong side of the road really freak me out though.
Yes I said wrong side.


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