Nocturnal Bay

I miss the cold weathered bay.
Sun glade and fish school.
Orange, purple, red, yellow, trees
Brightly casting their glow.

I miss the Chesapeake for once.
But I still do love China.

Key points as to why.

Real Chinese friends are loyal, kind, and care about you.
Paul delivered Christy and I 12 beers close to midnight the other evening.
Christy wanted some beer and jokingly said as many as you can carry.
Paul being earnest and sweet comes clinking up my stairs bottles in tow.
“How did you get past the guards, Paul?”
–‘Signed in that I was visiting the foreigner. I even broke one already!’
We taught him asshole and the beauty of a grilled cheese.
He was shocked. He did not want butter or cheese melted on bread.
Finally when he tasted it, he wanted it.

I had a nightmare last night. A nightmare that puts to shame and ends all other terrors in the night.
I also think ghosts are infiltrating my ancient flat.
Tonight I took the bus home late from visiting a friend.
Paul met me. He left a karaoke VIP card at my apartment and desperately needed it back.
He met me at midnight, carried my bag and held my arm to stave off any predators.

He did a thorough check of my quarters and found no ghosts, geckos, or cockroaches.
With the tip of his pretend hat he was on his way.

Chinese girlfriend checks up on me close to every other day to make sure I am dressing appropriately and not starving.
Christy and I visited her the other night.
Christy had a drop of tea left she intended to drink…instead Chinese girlfriend ripped it from Christy’s hand and threw it as hard as she could into the dark alley behind her back and pushed a new tea into Christy’s hand. She then stole three oranges from a sack a prostitute had just purchased.
Promptly handing them to Christy and me.
Her name has since changed to the Boss.

Last weekend I spent the evening at a Spa. I had a full body massage and a head massage and then fell asleep after skyping with family. All for about 65 US dollars. Now where in the US would you ever get service like that?

Each New Day and it’s all new alright.

One time one day.

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  1. Minna says:

    I love it!! Your Spa sounds so awesome!!!

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