Oyster Goats

Weather has dropped from 90-100 everyday to being 70-80 degrees. It is very nice but feels colder than it is warm.

Halloween was fun. It surprises me that China doesn’t participate in Halloween. I know it’s a western holiday but they all know about it and learn about it and I’m surprised they wouldn’t partake in the fun.

We dressed up and went out to see the sites and have fun. Christy went as Rainbow Bright. Annarae and Ian went as Raggedy Ann and Andy. There were many more fun costumes. We went to Coco Park which is crawling with skeevy westerners. Mostly men who come to China to find young fresh Chinese girlfriends/buddies/wives and spend all their money on the cheap sites and booze.

I saw some Chinese women with their western beaus drinking what looked like bottles of beer but bottles of jack daniels! Just drinking it straight from the bottle.

After a few hours and too much baijiu later I dragged Christy and myself home.

The following day was Halloween and we met up with my Chinese girlfriend – Chung Fang Jiu. We waited while she tidied up her hotel stand. There were prostitutes standing around gawking at Christy’s and my costumes and making comments. Chung Fang Jiu whispered to me that they were prostitutes and instructed me not to tell a soul. We went to have noodles then headed back.

I begged Chung Fang Jiu to show us one of the hotel rooms she rents out and possibly where she sleeps. The stairwell up was normal. Bars on each of the entrances into where the rooms are. The walls were filled with black mold and peeling away plaster–the floor wet with shower water from the nearby communal bathroom.

We saw her room. She gets her own room with a board to sleep on a blanket as the soft bedding and a tiny storage spot behind her door.

Chung Fang Jiu had a keychain with about 50 keys on it and somehow she found the right key to the hotel room next to where she sleeps. It had two twins beds gaping holes and gaps in each of the beds which were also boards with bedding over top, a small box television and smoked cigarettes littering the aisle between beds. This room was the one of the nicer ones she stated. She said for that room it’s about 20 kuai a night [3 USD].

Last night I finished up teaching around 6pm. I came down to my office and found one of my office buddies getting ready to leave. He asked me if I had eaten yet and where do I go to eat. He was speaking only Chinese so I wasn’t sure if he was inviting me to dinner or just asking where I was going. Before I knew it we were driving away in his brand new nissan. He asked me what I like to eat and I said eggplant or anything is fine. I am pretty sure he asked if I wanted sour lamb — I said that was fine.

We drove all over Longhua and made it to an outdoor hot pot restaurant. He ordered lamb. It was very tasty and I had the spices to go with it. He also ordered what looked like lamb meatballs. I think they were in fact goat testicles. Inside the hot pot was tripe as well. I ate everything and didn’t complain just soaked it all in very spicy sauce. I was able to carry on a conversation even though it was all in Chinese. I was very proud of myself. My Chinese is improving more and more each day.

I have one very bad class. Hen tiao pi.
So I tried out a punishment lesson where they write letters to the headmaster and parents apologizing for being naughty in my class, and wasting time and school money. They were still bad so I said next week if they are just as bad no more foreign teacher for them. Still not sure if I can leave a class but we’ll see.


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