beans and frogs, oh my.

Today I ate frogs. Something about plucking tiny pieces of frog vertebrate and gnawing the “meat” off, hoping you don’t break a tooth on the cartilage like frog bone is something to be desired. Reminded me of crabs but much more effort. Frog meat is delicious but when it comes to spitting out tendons, ligaments, and joints that could break a tooth–not a big fan.

Currently my school hasn’t the slightest idea what to do with me.
It’s a middle school which inhabits two thousand middle schoolers.
The seniors sleep in the school and everyone else commutes.
It’s six people to a room 3 beds bunked over one another.

I am in the dark as to who I will be teaching and when. I should find out maybe next week/maybe this week?
The first day of school is tomorrow. They are having an all school meeting on the playground which I will attend.

Longhua Zhongxue is an historic school it’s fifty years old. It has different sculptures of Confucius, Einstein, Galileo–among others. I really love it. It is nestled inside beautiful greenery. Outside corridors and breezeways with ivy and luscious plants crawling up the entrances. In the distance you can see the mountains which look similar to Appalachia. Behind my school is Longhua park. A pagoda towers over the park which is covered in palm trees and greenery. If there’s one thing about Chinese, they don’t mess around with their gorgeous parks. They take great care in landscaping.

“Long” is Chinese for Dragon and “Hua” means good so my town means good dragon. Longhua is huge! It feels like a suburb while still having the feeling of an enormous city.

I met the Headmaster’s daughter today who goes to boarding school in Pennsylvania near Penn State. Her English is fantastic and she is much more tolerable of other cultures and people than generally speaking the Chinese people are. Annie my contact teacher came right out and said, “we do not like the Japanese or the South Koreans.” I didn’t have anything to retort. I’m trying my best not to piss anyone off. Religion, politics, and money–definitely off the table here.

At any rate “Lia,” the headmaster’s daughter wants to help me lesson plan for the next few days since the school is clueless what else to do with me. Helping me will help her so she can put it under her activities for entrance applications into college in the States. I will have fifty students to a class and will be meeting with the same students once every two weeks. I have no idea how the school expects the students to learn English at this rate.

Lia took me out for lunch for very spicy food. We had beef cooked with fresh jalapeños [every dish here], cabbage with rice noodles, dumplings, and frog! All very spicy and yummy.

The headmaster’s private driver drove us around to the restaurant then drove me back to my estate. It was very nice. I haven’t seen any geckos lately but I am trying to remember they don’t want to eat me.

I soaked beans earlier this week. I should have known better than to soak beans for five days. I was set to cook the beans for 3 hours on my stove this evening, alas, when the cover was more beans for me.

I threw out the entire dish it smelled like a rancid, fermented nasty. While throwing out my beans and moldy bread I accidentally threw my keys into the big trashcan as well! Thankfully I was wearing big rubber gladiator gloves and recovered my keys and quickly soaked them in bleach.



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