Medusa Trees

There are plenty of different types of trees here. Some in particular remind me of the South in the states’ trees, Spanish Moss. There are giant trees with wispy brown “moss” looking stuff hanging off of them. I will be sure to take a picture real soon. I like to call them Medusa trees.

I have been invaded by salamanders. I need to block off any holes in my apartment, and there are quite a few. It’s just creepy seeing things scatter. Maybe I should get a cat?

Yesterday we went to Shekou in Nanshan. There are six districts in ShenZhen. Futian, Luohu [both are in downtown] Yantian [big bungalow beach and port town], Longgong [adjacent to Bao’an], Nanshan [Which is on the west side of Shenzhen it’s like a peninsula and a big expat/port area], and then my district Bao’an.

Saturday I went to Luohu to visit my friend Ros. We went to Mcdonald’s, it was so nice to have a big mac! I hadn’t had one in years. We then went to Wal mart to find a mattress pad–these mattresses can be rock hard. The Wal-mart was three stories high! Ros lives in downtown part of ShenZhen. Very city and gritty. We strode past restaurants with big full size pigs hanging in the window waiting to be eaten. Fish in tanks swimming around waiting to be caught and eaten. Chinese value the fresher the meal. Fish chillin’ in a tank doesn’t look too fresh though.

Ten PM came pretty fast and yet the whole city was still awake even children with their parents all playing in the street, tiny babies too.

The following day, Sunday, Ros and I took a bus to Nanshan to attend a church service and check out the ex-pat area. The church was inside the American International school which grades off of the IB program. It’s in a very nice gated community with villas that run between 1000-3000 a month. Most of the people living in these apartment villas are Americans or another type of westerner who’s been brought out here by their company to use Shenzhen for its resources and work for their company and example is IBM is huge out here and most of the Americans work for IBM who live out here. Most of these companies pay the 1000-3000 a month for these villas for them to live in and they will have private vans drive them to their work sites.

It boggles my mind how much is invested in Shenzhen. Because of places like Shenzhen China’s economy is most certainly number 2 in the world. I feel like we live so comfortable in the states because of places like China. Labor is cheap, investment is cheap. Had they not the type of government we could not live so comfortably, I reckon this is how the world goes ’round.

Aside from that, I attended the church. It was a non-denominational Christian. It was very nice and the people were nice. I would like to check out the Catholic church in downtown Shenzhen though.

It was strange to be in such a large ex-pat neighborhood with all “wai guo ren-” foreigners. I felt like I was in a community called America.

Around the corner was a subway which I was so excited about. I finally had a big sandwich and it was delicious. Exactly like the subways at home. In this ex-pat area there was a Dunkin’ Donuts, Cheers, and plenty of thai, indian, and mexican restaurants. Very bizarre to see this in China. Apparently Arby’s is coming to the border of Nanshan and Bao’an and there is a Burger King in Hong Kong.

Shekou also has a place called Sea World, it’s a big port town with all of these western conveniences. They had western grocery stores with everything we could ever want! Tortillas, canned beans, bagels, expensive cheese, ravioli, wines from the states! It was glorious all extremely overpriced as well.

As my friends and I were walking around we saw three little Chinese boys playing in the street with racecars. One boy looked about less than two years old. He was extremely dirty, tattered clothes, no shoes, a scab on his forehead and he was holding batteries! The other boys looked about four years old or less and they were close to the same as the toddler. I was wondering where the parents were and if these kids were just bums. My friends assured me they thought the parents were off and would come yell at the boys soon. Kids are just very carefree here, I don’t think kidnapping is an issue. I even noticed American families being very lax with their children. It was very sweet. To me sometimes kids are a little too monitored.

Later I took the bus home and it took me close to two hours! It was pretty long and it got more and more packed as it rolled on up to Long Hua. I couldn’t figure out when we actually arrived into Long Hua. Thankfully Annie called me and asked where I was and spoke to the conductor and promptly told me to get off! I found my way home and found my “estate.” Upon entry into my apartment I noticed salamanders trying to take over while I was gone. This will be my next feat.

So long!

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  1. Marcus says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize the Walmart was three stories high!

    Get a cat and name him Sir Gigglesworth. He’ll be your protector.


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