golden brown.

I am in the Guangdong Province.
In the city of ShenZhen.
Further located inside the district of Bao’an.
Finally inside the “village” of Long Hua.

I finally found myself here yesterday. I am not quite in my apartment.
Apparently they did not know when we’d arrive so the host let his relatives visit in my apartment.
On the plus side it looks new, my contact teacher keeps calling it an estate. It’s nice, it’s no estate though.

There is a huge disparity in Long Hua…just like most of China. You walk where you can. Under overpasses in dirt, there’s construction, cars, bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, people…everywhere.

My school is really nice. The students have to wear uniforms, the seniors live in the school everyone else commutes.

My contact teacher took me out all day yesterday. She showed me the entire town. We then had dinner with her husband at a really nice restaurant. A pianist even played “Moon River” right in front of us.

Today we met for lunch I bought avocados to make guacamole, i could only find lemons to freshen it and could not locate chips or cilantro =[
I met three students and my contact teacher, Annie and her husband for lunch at their flat.
It’s very nice.
No one liked the guacamole too much. Maybe if I find better ingredients they would like it better. I suppose they are not used to dips and such. It would have also been much better had I found chips.

Anyway I’m off to find the beer garden tonight with my other fellows, i’m definitely taking a nap beforehand.


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1 Response to golden brown.

  1. Paul Gupta says:

    🙂 Glad you’re having a good time 🙂


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