Arrival in ShenZhen

ShenZhen is absolutely gorgeous. Long rolling mountains paved with reservoirs and a booming economy.

We are staying at the Silver Lake Hotel and Resort. It’s nestled on a mountain and reservoir. It looks similar to the hotel in the shining however most of the hotel rooms are villas. Our friend has an elevator inside his villa equipped with a bidet, Jacuzzi, among other luxuries. We’ve been living it up in our bathrobes—in our free time of course.

The train ride was intense. I was on the top bunk and our area was enclosed for the most part. I felt very safe and comfortable. We ate tons of PB&J and noodles. Chinese Raman destroys American Raman. The landscape throughout Midwest China was every folktale you’ve heard. Farmers worked sun-up to sun-down in their straw hats and linen rolled trousers. We passed enormous cities, tiny villages, bungalows, compounds, and flats. Mountains rolled on as our train chugged down south through China.

We played Apples to Apples, Mafia, Chinese Poker, Egyptian’s ratscrew, and after we’d exhausted those we exhausted them more. We played with the children and talked to the many people on the train. It was fun but very wearing.

We arrived at our resort and were in total awe. After only using “squatty potties,” mop water to wash our hands when the faucets didn’t work—two shower heads in a giant bathroom with a window was very much a comfort.

We woke up bright and early on Thursday. I headed out to Bao-An with all my other district fellows for a Police Interview. Bao-An is where I will be while I’m here in one of the more remote municipalities. I am very happy about this.

We later did our med-exam. Two hours of a scavenger hunt finding which room could—take our blood, do an ultrasound [girls and guys], do an EKG, piss in a sauce cup and leave it out on a cart that looked filled with different tastes of “champagne urine.” The dentist was my favorite. I hate going to the dentist I would rather do any other medical exam than go to a dentist. However this dentist quickly swabbed your mouth and said good then shooed me away—beautiful!

Today a policeman told us everything we cannot do. We cannot go down one street in all of ShenZhen “China-Britain Street” is forbidden to foreigners. Someone asked why and the response we got, “it’s special.”

We then had more visa application fun and yet another interview with the Police.

Tomorrow we sign our contracts and are whisked away to our respective new home.


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3 Responses to Arrival in ShenZhen

  1. Marcus says:

    It all sounds lovely! I finally played Apples to Apples, I love the variations, they’re fun.

    Booming economy, huh? What’s that like? =/

  2. Devon says:

    China’s midwest… i wonder if its anything like where I am….

    A lot of Crosses on the side of the highway with ‘Praise God’ ‘through him we are saved’
    haha probably not!

    It all sounds amazing! I wish I had a real job with real money… if that were the case I would so be coming to visit!!! = ) Post more pics on your flickr!

    • heidaway says:

      hehe won’t find any crosses here. 97% of everyone is atheist. You will see giant pagodas and temples from the streets though =P

      I have 3 bedrooms. My parents are coming for a month in December…they got a ticket real cheap…you should totally come…it can be a gift from your dad for graduating!

      @Marcus — construction everywhere!!!

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