China’s got talent

Currently, I am fighting a cold. I am healing myself and readying myself for the 26 hour train ride to Shenzhen. I would prefer not to be sick during that time.

I took a few pictures of my kids today. We are getting ready to be in a talent show together. Originally they wanted to sing a song now they would like to do a skit where they make fun of their teachers from America.

I’ve slept most of today trying to cure myself of this illness. My fever broke which is good.

The other day when we had our food tasting I heard Scorpions were the winner. Someone said they could eat those all the live long day.

Tonight we are attending a talent show. Not the one with our class a different one. Apparently Chinese LOVE talent shows. I will be putting on many when I get to my school.

Our coordinators told us horror stories of last year’s train ride. She said they lock the bathrooms when we stop for 20 minutes so some American boys thought it would be great to urinate in the mop water–what they mop the train with. Then some guys would not turn off their music and were told 4 times to turn it down so finally the Conductor turned the power completely off of that car so they were sitting in an un-air-conditioned car for about 4 hours which had just been mopped with piss. Essentially she begged us to behave properly and not get drunk and throw up everywhere.

I am just three days away to be in my final destination! I am very excited. My friends from DC are going to a beer festival in the west of China. There’s also a water park that just opened last week which I am sad I missed. If you can imagine how fancy the lights and buildings are in Asia imagine that times 100. This water park looked incredible they even had some rides where you are about to go down but the floor drops out and you are whisked down!!


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