trail of silk-

A week ago I arrived in China. Already it seems longer. Beijing’s simple and crowded. I absolutely love it. I love the way of life. In another week I will receive my school assignment and take a 26 hour train ride to Shenzhen.

Currently I am training at Beijing University. Teaching seventh graders conversational English. It is an honor to be here. This university is the Harvard of China. It’s a gorgeous campus. Teachers are incredibly respected in China thanks to Confucius. It’s refreshing to have a job that’s finally meaningful! Changing lives while mine is evolving.

Training is intense. Usually I wake up at 6am. Teach at 8:30am go to training classes all day until 4pm. I am also taking Mandarin classes. Already I am catching on more and more. I am speaking to all the locals.

My roommates from DC happened to be staying at the hotel in the courtyard next to my hotel. We’ve hung out a few times. It’s nice to have them so I can better transition.

Everyone in this program is nice, helpful, and from all over.

Today is the Great Wall tour day. I hiked it four years ago. I didn’t see a need to go again. It’s also because I went to my very first club ever in my life and didn’t get home until 1:30am last night.

Chinese men definitely like dancing with foreign women. I was glad I was in a group they were a tiny bit too hand-sy for me.

We went to “Banana.” The floor is similar to a cork floor so as you dance it’s very bouncy.
I had western food for the first time KFC…I am pretty sure they still cook with Trans-Fats here because fast food never tasted so delicious!!

I hope everyone is well on the west.


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2 Responses to trail of silk-

  1. Paul Gupta says:

    I can’t wait to follow your adventures 🙂 Post often!


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